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Go Phish!

Think that email might be a hoax? Check out examples of bogus messages received by members of the campus community. Any suspicious messages can be forwarded to

Remember, the University will never ask for your password. You can safely delete any messages asking for your personal or login information, no matter who they claim to be from.

The following "phishing" messages were received by members of the campus community:

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Beware of the following phishing scams and/or hoaxes:

1.  Emails claiming to be from the "Energy Billing System" stating that your latest bill is available online and can be viewed with just one click.

2. Phishing email supposedly from Microsoft asking you to click a one-time automatic verification so that your account will not be suspended.

3. Scam email about a "Shocking Accident Roller Coaster Video" on Facebook. The carriage and its passengers have come off the track.

4. A phishing email purporting to be a notification about an incoming payroll related fax. It claims with just one click you can see the payroll.

5. Bogus email from "your landlord" that claims your rent is late and you need to pay within 10 days or face court proceedings.

6. Email claiming to be from a Court Secretary announcing your complaint has been received and urges you to click on a link and confirm your complaint.

7. Email from a bank that claims you must click on a link to upgrade to a new security system to give you maximum protection.

8. Phishing email claiming to be from Evernote stating an image has been sent and invites you to click to view it.

9. Eviction Notice scam claiming that you have been evicted and must vacate your house premises within a specified time frame or risk further legal proceedings. You are instructed to open an attached file for more information.

10. Facebook message claiming a celebrity has died and invites you to click a link to see the video on his/her death.

Remember, malicious attachments or links pretending to be .pdf files or links to
amazing videos contain malware that will infect your computer.

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