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  • Call Forwarding on CISCO phone
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Follow these instructions to forward calls from one extension to another or to an off-campus location.

Change Call forward all on phone

Forward all keeps your desk phone from ringing at all. Callers will ring directly on the phone it's forwarded to

Turn forward all on

  1. Press the “Forward all” softkey button on your desk phone
  2. Enter the extension you'd like to forward to.
    1. To forward calls to voicemail, press the voicemail button or dial 23305
    2. To forward calls to an off-campus number or cell phone, enter the number as you would if you were calling off campus. E.g. 8-1- (Area code) - (phone number)
  3. Phone will display "Forwarded to [ext]" on your line key

Turn forward all off

  1. Press the "Forward off" Softkey
  2. Phone will display phone number normally

Change Call Forward options remotely

From off campus, you must connect to the university network via VPN to access CISCO Self Care Portal.

  1. Click on the “Call Forwarding” section on the left sidebar of the CISCO Self Care Portal and log in with your NetID and password
  2. Click on "Call Forwarding" on the left navigation bar:

  3. To turn on the forward all option, check the box and select "Voicemail" or "Add a new number" 

    Note: If you are forwarding to a number instead of to voicemail be sure the number is entered as if you were dialing on campus. E.g. for university numbers, you would enter 23700 instead of 815184423700. To forward to non university number, be sure to enter 8 1 [area code] [phone number]

  4. Advanced calling rules are also available for when  you don't answer the phone or if your phone isn't plugged in. By default, if there is a voicemail box on the number, all of the advanced calling rules are set to forward to voicemail

If you don't have a phone number listed for call forwarding, submit a service desk request for ITS to create or troubleshoot your account.