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Use your SUNYCard to unlock the equipment rack.  If you experience difficulty please contact Customer Service 518-442-3480.

At the end of your class, close the equipment rack door and make sure it locks.  The next instructor must swipe in with their own SUNYCard.


To use your laptop:

  • Locate the wireless Crestron touch panel
  • Touch the screen to begin
  • Select SIMPLE SWITCHING (the screens will lower and the projectors will turn on)
  • Select VGA AUX as your source
  • The provided laptop cable is VGA compatible only.  If needed, you must provide your own adaptor
  • Connect one end of the VGA cable to the video outport on your laptop and the other end to the VGA input in the equipment rack
  • If sound is needed, connect the attached audio cable to the rack and your laptop
  • You may need to push the image to the projector by toggling the FN key + F8 or F7  (or the Function key on your laptop with computer icon)
  • Toggle until you get your desired display combination (laptop only, laptop and projector, projector only)


Crestron Touch Panel                                                           Source Screen                                                                         Laptop function keys                      VGA/audio Cable

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.