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  • Burn a CD or DVD in Windows or macOS
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Windows users do not require any third-party software to create a music or data CD; this capability is built into the operating system. Follow the appropriate steps below to create a data CD, an audio CD from electronic files, or an audio CD from another audio CD.

You must have a CD or DVD drive with write capability (i.e., a CD-R or a CD-RW drive, not a CD-ROM drive) to write CDs.

Windows 7

  1. Select a batch of files to burn. 

    Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click each file you want to select one time. If you want to select a bunch of files that are in the same spot, click the first file and then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the last file in the batch.
  2. Click Burn in the blue bar located at the top of Windows Explorer.
  3. Give this disk a name in the Disk title box.
  4. Click Next to add the files to the disk. The files will be burnt to the disk.
  5. To add additional files the disk from now on simply select the files, point at Send to and then select the drive. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste the files in the drive.

You can see how much space you have left on the disk by clicking Start and clicking Computer. It will show you how much space is left on the disk with a bar graph on that drive.


  1. Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc. You will be prompted to prepare the disc for burning.
  2. When this process is complete, an icon for the CD appears on your desktop.
    Image illustrating Finder with the Untitled CD icon in the upper left
  3. Drag the files and folders you want to save on the disc to its icon.
  4. Click the disc icon, then choose Burn CD from the File menu or drag the CD icon to the Burn icon in the Dock (the Trash icon changes to the Disc Burner icon when an unformatted CD-R is dragged to it).
  5. Click Burn. The disc is initialized and the files and folders are saved on the disc. This process takes several minutes.
    Image illustrating the dialog box for burn speed and to confirm burning the disc

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.