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Policy Statement:

The University's voicemail system can be used to distribute important information to various segments of the campus community by affiliation (faculty and staff) or locality across the three campuses and satellite locations. All broadcast messages are subject to authorization and approval by senior management as specified in this document.

Scope and Responsibilities:

Appropriate use of broadcast messages depends on the University's ability to use the system judiciously. In order to ensure appropriate use, all broadcast messages must be approved by a member of senior management: the President, Provost, a Vice President or the CIO.

Broadcast messages light the message-waiting indicator light on the telephone of all recipients. They are automatically marked "urgent" and play before non-broadcast messages. The voicemail system permits the deletion of broadcast messages without playing them in their entirety.

"Targeted populations" are defined as those groups indicated in the Public Distribution Lists as outlined on the University Broadcast Voicemail Authorization Form.

The University's telephone system and its ability to target segments of the community are configured according to physical location. Broadcast messages can only be sent to the populations as specified according to the Public Distribution Lists. The voicemail system is not designed as a delivery mechanism for emergency or time-sensitive information. Urgent messages, or those which must be communicated quickly, should use an alternative method of conveyance.

The party requesting the broadcast message is responsible for securing appropriate approval, and providing the Office of Telephone Systems with the exact text for the message.

The Office of Telephone Systems is responsible for verification (when necessary), recording and sending the broadcast message, and notifying the authorizer or designee when the request is complete.

Procedures for Use:

  • Requests for broadcast voicemail messages are sent to the appropriate authorizer using the University Broadcast Voicemail Authorization Form
  • Only senior management can authorize a broadcast message. This includes the President, Provost, a Vice President or the CIO
  • Completed and authorized University Broadcast Voicemail Authorization Forms are faxed or emailed to the Office of Telecommunications. This should include the exact text to be recorded
  • Upon receipt, the Office of Telephone Systems reviews the request, verifies it (when necessary), records the message, and sends it to the Public Distribution List(s) as indicated on the University Broadcast Voicemail Authorization form

During business hours, the completed Broadcast Voicemail Authorization Form can be faxed to (518) 437-3810. Requests can also be made through the Telecommunications Service Center by calling (518) 437-3800. In the event that a broadcast message must be sent after business hours, please contact the Power Plant at (518) 442-3444.

For more information, call the Telecommunications Service Center at (518) 437-3800.


Adopted: 2006
Last Revised: May 2015