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Grade Center Camp



For instructors seeking individual consultation on the specifics of setting up their Blackboard Grade Center for the most effective use and communication of student assessment.


Face-to-face, individualized, hands-on workshop


Students have consistently told us that one of their top three benefits of using Blackboard is the ability to receive timely feedback about their progress.  We know this is something that you feel is important as well.  This workshop provides an opportunity for you to sign up for a time slot during which you will have individualized consultation about how to set up the Grade Center for your Blackboard courses.  This is an opportunity to resolve all of those nagging questions you've had about managing online assignment submission, providing meaningful feedback to your students, calculating final grades, converting to letter grades, dropping the lowest grade, uploading grades from a spreadsheet, and others.  Ideally you would have already gained some experience with the Grade Center and/or Assignments, Tests, or Discussions and had attended a Grade Center overview session.  You should come to this workshop with your syllabus and grading schemes/weights and prepared to discuss potential adaptations for the most productive use of the Grade Center. 


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