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  • Blackboard Update - Blackboard Learn Q2 2019 Release
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June 2020

On Saturday, June 13, 2020 ITS will update our Blackboard Learn system including feature enhancements and additions.  Complete Release Notes and notable feature enhancements or additions are described below.

Highlights of new features/functional updates:

  • Expanded ability to reconcile grades in Delegated Grading
    Delegated grading lets an instructor share grading responsibilities by assigning course members to grade sets of submissions. Grading and feedback from more than one grader can promote reliability, improve consistency, and remove bias. The instructor can reconcile grades and settle on final scores after the graders have completed their assigned submissions.

  • New Originality Report available for SafeAssign integration
    The design of the SafeAssign Originality Report has been updated to include some new information about a submission's overall risk for being copied from another source. This new report interface is also more responsive for mobile devices and more accessible to screen readers than the old design.


  • Calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types
    The Calendar and To Do modules show the due dates of course items, but this was previously limited to activities and assessments using just Blackboard Learn tools. In this release, the capability is expanded so that other content types, including those from 3rd party solutions, like VoiceThread or publisher assessments, are now incorporated into these areas when using a web browser.

  • Browser support updates
    This release includes updates for supported browsers. As a reminder, Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

  • Coming Soon: Bb Annotate (an upgrade to InLine Grading feature)
    Between July 13 - July 17, Blackboard will replace the New Box View integration with a new tool called Bb Annotate for Inline Assignment Grading in both Original and Ultra Course Views.  Bb Annotate will offer a more robust feature set to provide customizable feedback to learners, which includes a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and much more.

Complete Release Notes:

This upgrade includes new features, enhancements, and updates in both the Q4 2018 and Q2 2019 releases of Blackboard Learn.
Note: Some features listed may not be available or enabled in our installation.

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