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  • Blackboard Feature Updates - Blackboard Learn 9.1 2014 Release
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August 2015

On August 15, 2015, ITS will update our Blackboard system from the current Service Pack 14 level, and applying the April 2014 and October 2014 product updates.  This will introduce several new and enhanced features that are briefly described below.  Two significant changes involve Assignments and the new Student Preview toggle.

  • AssignmentsSafeAssign plagiarism detection service is now integrated into the Assignment tool, so there is no need to create a special SafeAssignment!  Simply click a check box instead.  Several new dialog boxes have been added to allow for anonymous and delegated grading.  If you utilize TAs for grading, you'll want to take a look at these new features.  The previous SafeAssign course tool remains available for reviewing submissions.
  • Student Preview:  A new student preview mode has been added, so it is no longer necessary to log out and log in as a test student to interact with your course as if you are a student!  Just click a toggle to enter and exit the student preview mode.  


The Student Preview button will appear at the upper left of the Blackboard course screen, above the Course Menu.  This is different than depicted in Blackboard's documentation and videos since it is designed to be positioned at upper right, near the Edit Mode button.  We are working on resolving this positioning error but in the meantime, this new feature functions as expected and described below.

Keep an eye on our Workshops Schedule (link above) for additional sessions focusing on the new Blackboard features.

Click the image below of the grading settings available in Assignments to access more detailed information (including a video tutorial) about each of these grading settings.

The following features will be available to support online teaching and learning beginning August 15, 2015 

Click items below for more details:

Note: The Release Notes include overview of features and updates pertaining to the entire Blackboard system, including security enhancements, system administration tools, and features for faculty and students.  Some of the updates or enhancements described may not be relevant for everyone.  Some capabilities may not be enabled for our version of Blackboard.

9.1 2014 Release Notes (April 2014)

9.1 2014 Release Notes (October 2014)

Now you can set your Assignments to submit student work to SafeAssign without creating a separate SafeAssignment. 

You can also configure Assignments to be graded anonymously so that you can grade students without knowing which student submitted the work.

You can delegate grading of Assignments between co-instructors and/or TAs.

Instructors can now toggle between their view and an interactive student view.

Blackboard now has a Mobile Grader app for grading assignments!

It is now possible to enjoy more video without additional authentications.

Instructors have a few more options including choices for the first day in the week to display.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.