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  • Best Practices for Digital Signage Messages
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There are some basic best practices you should consider when creating messages using the UAlbany templates for AxisTV.

The UAlbany templates were created by Office of Communications and Marketing to streamline the steps to create a message for display in AxisTV. Please use the templates as a model design to help guide you in creating a message that will appear well on your digital signs 


  • The title of the message should be in ALL CAPS.
  • The title of the message should be the largest font size on the screen.
  • Use only one text formatting type. 
    • Use bold or use italics, but not both together.

  • Use underlined text for links ONLY.

  • Follow the image orientation of the sample photo provided in the template if you wish to replace the photo.
  • Replace horizontal images with other horizontal images and replace vertical photos with vertical photos.

  • Use the spell check feature in the AxisTV message window before scheduling your message.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.