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  • Available Software on the iMacs in SL-003 and the Library Public Computing Sites
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Spring 2020 Contents

Media Creation and Editing

Product NameVersionSource 
Final Cut Pro10.4Instructor-requestedSL-003 only
Garage Band Apple built-in 
Image Capture Apple built-in 
iMovie Apple built-in 
iPhoto Apple built-in 
Photo Booth Apple built-in 
PS2PDF ITS-supplied 

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System Tools

Product NameVersionSourceNotes
Automator Apple built-in 
Calculator Apple built-in 
Dashboard Apple built-in 
Font Book Apple built-in 
Launchpad Apple built-in 
MapSdrive Instructor-requested 
Microsoft Endpoint Protection ITS-supplied 
Mission Control Apple built-in 
Time Machine Apple built-in 

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Programming and Development

Product NameVersionSourceNotes
Dr. Java20120818Instructor-requested 
Pd (Pure Data)0.47Instructor-requested 
Sublime Text3.1.1Instructor-requested 

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Media Players

Product NameVersionSource 
DivX Player10.8.6ITS-supplied 
iTunes built-in 
Quicktime Player 10.4Apple built-in 
VLC Player3.0.3ITS-supplied 

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Web Browsers and Plugins

Product nameVersionSourceNotes
Google Chrome79.0.3945.130ITS-supplied 
Microsoft Silverlight5.1ITS-supplied 
Mozilla Firefox72.0.2ITS-supplied 
Safari 12.1.2Apple built-in 

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Data Analysis

Product NameVersionSourceNotes
R3.3.2Instructor-requestedTo request specific R packages, please contact Kyle Pulliam at

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Other Software

Category/groupProduct nameVersionSourceNotes
AdobeAdobe Creative Cloud ITS-suppliedAvailable in HS-004, AS-13, LI-137, Dewey Library
Reference ManagementBibDesk1.6.16Instructor-requested 
GameChess Apple built-in 
CommunicationFace Time Apple built-in 
Game designGameSalad1.25.80Instructor-requested 
CalendariCal Apple built-in 
CommunicationiChat Apple built-in 
iWork suiteKeynote Apple built-in 
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 201916.30ITS-supplied 
iWork suiteNumbers Apple built-in 
iWork suitePages Apple built-in 
Data analysisSPSS25ITS-supplied 
Note takingStickies Apple built-in 
Text editorTextEdit Apple built-in 
Game designUnity5.5.0f3Instructor-requested 

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