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  • Allowing Other Users to View or Edit Your Wiki Space
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Follow the instructions below to give permission to someone to view your entire wiki space.  Log into Wikis@UAlbany and navigate to your wiki space.  Depending on the theme used on the wiki space in question, there are two possible ways to access the appropriate options.


Finding Permissions

  1. Click Space Tools or the Gear icon on the bottom left side of your page:

  2. Click Permissions:

Setting Permissions

  1. Click the "Edit Permissions" button under the Individual Users section.
  2. Re-enter your password to confirm your identity.
  3. Enter in the NetID of the person to whom you wish to give access in the box.  If you do not know the NetID, you can also type part of the person's name and you will see suggestions.  Click Add to add them in.
  4. Check the appropriate permissions for each user (e.g. view, edit, remove).

    "View" means the ability to view content on a page, but not to edit or add new content.  "Add" gives access to not only create a new page (or Blog/Comment/Attachment), but also to edit existing ones.

    To enable anyone with a UAlbany NetID to log in to view your content, add the group "confluence-users" in the Groups section.

    "Admin" privileges should only be given to those you trust with management of your wiki space.  It will give full access to the whole space, including the option to remove your access.  Use this option with caution.

    Note: Do NOT grant "Add" or "Delete" privileges for "Anonymous", as this will let anyone in the world create content or delete in your wiki space, and this is highly discouraged for many reasons.

  5. To select or de-select all of the options for a person, click words on each line:
  6. Click the "Save All" button to save these changes. (If you do not do that, all your changes will be lost.)

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.