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  • Adding a File of Email Addresses and Names to a LISTSERV List
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To add subscribers to a Listserv list you manage by uploading a file of names and email addresses, follow the steps below.


  1. Visit the LISTSERV Web Interface

    If this is your first logging in you will first have to create a LISTSERV password.

  2. Click on the link Mailing List Management Interface and log in with the email address you use to manage your list(s).

  3. Select the list you wish to manage:

  4. On the left side menu, click Subscriber Reports:

  5. Click Bulk Operations on the Subscriber Reports page.

  6. Choose the function you desire (Add, Replace, or Remove). Use the Choose File button to choose the file from which you want to add users and click Import.

    Verify your file format before loading. It should be either .CSV or .TXT with one email address and name per line. Optionally, you may omit the names and just have one email address per line.  (A good program to use to create such a file in Windows is Notepad because Notepad does not preserve any text formatting; it only supports plain text, which is what we need here. Excel, Word, and other file types are not supported.)

    For example: Jane Doe Chris Smith

  7. Click Import to finish the process.

    Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.