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To maintain the University's data security, data integrity, and compliance, ITS vets all requests for the use of 3rd party applications in Office 365.


A 3rd party application is any application that connects to your University Microsoft Office 365 account that is not part of the standard list of applications and/or features of those applications offered through the agreement with Microsoft for the University’s implementation of Office 365. Add-ins, plug-ins, connectors, and apps from the App store are considered 3rd party applications.

General criteria used for approvals

  • Third-party application is used for University academic or administrative business
  • The permission required for this connection would not potentially expose proprietary University data to unauthorized individuals or other unknown risks
  • The stated business use does not pose significant privacy concerns in terms of potential external access
  • The University is in contract with third party software application


If you have a specific application that you would like to be vetted, please submit an ITS Service Desk Request and describe the add-in or application you are requesting and the business use for this request.

What will happen next?

Your request will be processed through ITS’s procedures to review requests for 3rd party tools to ensure that our security standards are complied with and to investigate the impact of the add-in.  

In the meantime, we encourage you to use other ITS-supported applications that may provide similar functionality.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.