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E-Reserves and Blackboard

Electronic Reserves has been integrated with Blackboard.  You can easily create your Electronic Reserves page as a link on your Blackboard course menu, establishing a single point of access for all of your digital course materials.  When the E-Reserves tool is established in the Blackboard course students and instructors do not have to log in a separate time when linking to the E-Reserves page associated with the Blackboard course.

  • Beginning with summer 2013 faculty may link their Blackboard course to an E-Reserves course page.  This will establish the Blackboard course as the way in which both students and instructors would access the E-Reserves page.  Instructors may opt to use the traditional E-Reserves access through the summer.
  • Beginning in fall 2013 use of E-Reserves will be possible ONLY by establishing the E-Reserves link in the Blackboard course.

Why We Decided to Establish Access to Electronic Reserves Through Only Blackboard

For many semesters students have been required to log on to Blackboard and Electronic Reserves using separate passwords.  We have heard repeatedly from students that they want to have a single place to access their materials and they don't want to have to log on to separate systems.  The vendor of our Electronic Reserves system has developed a plugin that enables this. 

By joining Blackboard and Electronic Reserves in this way you can use the same great features of Electronic Reserves that you're accustomed to while providing students with the single point of access to course materials that they desire.

Why You Can't Access Electronic Reserves the Old Way - Outside of Blackboard

The Library has modified the look, feel, and navigation of electronic reserves to fit within the Blackboard environment. It is not possible to offer two separate pathways into electronic reserves while maintaining the functionality and navigation native to each pathway. Therefore, we have configured the electronic reserves appearance to function best within Blackboard. Accessing this layout outside of Blackboard would not provide instructors with the navigation and functionality necessary to access their different electronic reserves courses and navigate through the system.

Assistance with Electronic Reserves

Once you have established the E-Reserves link in your Blackboard course, if you need assistance with using the E-Reserves page, contact the Library Reserve Staff.  They have provided a website for assistance at  You will find online resources as well as a phone number to contact for help with cloning a previous E-Reserves page or other issues in that system.