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  • Access and Removal of IT Accounts and University Online Services
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Access: Students may be given access to IT services at varying stages of application and admittance.  Email accounts are typically granted after the deposit has been paid and they matriculate.

Removal of Student Access: Students are flagged to have their access removed:

  • After one year after graduation
  • When they have not registered for two consecutive semesters
  • Not on approved leave
  • Not active in program
  • Not within a year of being academically dismissed 
  • Have been granted a temporary exception that was approved by their department of study. 

They will lose access 30-days after they have been notified.  Their accounts will remain in an inactive state for approximately 6 months and then they are deleted. 


Access: Employees are granted access and email by having their employment information entered into the Human Resources (HR) System of record. HR departments receive the information from the employees hiring department. 

Removal of Access: When an employee is terminated, the information must be sent from the department to their respective HR department so it can be entered into the HR system of record.  Once it is entered into the HR system of record, the Identity and Access Management group receives notification and we begin the process of terminating access. We notify the employee and department to make sure the employee is not being re-hired or transferred to another department before we terminate access. Upon this notification the employee enters a 30-day grace period before losing access. For urgent terminations, please contact HR.

Other statuses regarding removal of employee access include:

  • Role Change - Notification is sent to the department for review of any access that should be removed as deemed appropriate (i.e. Student employee now becomes student)
  • Transfer - Notification is sent to the former department for the review of any access that should be removed as deemed appropriate.


Access: Volunteers have access and email granted by having their volunteer information entered in the HR system of record.

Removal of Access: Volunteers are entered in HR with an expiration date.


Access: Individuals are identified as Emeriti within the HR system of record upon retiring from the University as a member of United University Professions or Management Confidential.  With an Emeritus record in place, they are able to retain their email and access to IT resources, including email. 

Removal of Access: Upon the termination of an active employment record with the placement of the Emeritus record, the former department is notified of the change in status and is responsible for the removal of any access as deemed appropriate.  The Emeritus is also notified the option to retain access.

Emeriti are individually accountable for reporting whether they want to retain email and access to applicable University online services to the Identity and Access Management Group.  There is an annual renewal process for extending access to Emeriti. 


Individuals who are not employed by the University or affiliated corporations (e.g. vendors, contractors, and media) will not receive personal electronic identifiers.  They will be granted temporary access to online services based on a written request from the department with which they are most closely associated.  They are not given a personal email account. An expiration date is applied to the account and access is removed when the account expires or on request from the department.