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  • Access OneDrive for Business from Windows Phone
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You can access your OneDrive for Business files on a Windows Mobile device via the pre-installed Microsoft Office Mobile app

To add your OneDrive for Business account to your Office app:

  1. Open the Office app.
  2. Add a new 'place'.
  3. Add your OneDrive for Business location as a SharePoint site in this format:  For example, if your alias (the first part of your UAlbany Mail email address, before the part) is jdoe, then enter

Additionally, you can pin that place/link to your Start Menu. Now you can have both your personal OneDrive and your University OneDrive for Business account in your 'places'.

OneDrive for Business is part of a larger Microsoft Office 365 service called SharePoint Online.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.