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  • Access Network Drives on iOS
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You can connect from an iOS device to your Network locations on Lincoln. It requires additional apps as per below.

You will need two programs in order to connect from off-campus: 

  1. GlobalProtect VPN client (Clients is available free from App Store for iOS/Apple devices. Just search for "GlobalProtect.")
    1. If you are connecting while on the University network, then you do not need to use Cisco AnyConnect VPN. 
  2. A third-party app like Good Reader or FileBrowserGo to access the network drive (Available in the iOS App Store.)

    Please note these third-party apps may not be free.


  1. Set up the VPN to connect to Enter your UAlbany NetID and password to log in. 
  2. Once connected to the VPN, open Good Reader/FileBrowserGo to access the network share.
  3. Set it up to connect to a SMB server with an IP address of smb://
  4. For username, enter ualbany\NETID (replacing NETID with your actual NetID), and enter your UAlbany password for the password.
  5. You will now be connected to Lincoln and can browse the available folders.  Note that any folders which you do not have permissions to view will be inaccessible.


Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.