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This article describes how students may access a computing environment for programming and compiling code for their class.  Academic Linux VMs are provided by request of the instructor-of-record.

Configuration and Resources

Operating System

Academic VMs are deployed as Debian Linux.

Computing Resources

Each VM is resourced with 2 CPU and 4 Gb RAM

Available Shell


Available Editors

Accessing Academic VMs

VPN Required

Off campus access via SSH requires you to be connected to VPN.


Log In Details 

System name/host name: <Course Subject and Catalog Number>-<Semester><Year>

  • Semester = fa,wi,sp,su
  • Year = <yy>

Login as: <NetID>
<NetID> should be typed in lowercase letters.

Password: UAlbany password associated with NetID

Access method: SSH

Port: 22

Session Timeout

Idle SSH sessions will timeout after 5 minutes and shell sessions after 10 minutes

Life Cycle

Academic Linux VMs are available for the duration of a semester/term.  The following outlines the timeline from request until deletion of a VM.

  1. Submit request form 1 to 2 months prior to a semester.
  2. Instructor will be asked to confirm functionality of the Test VM prior to building the Production VM.
  3. Once confirmed by the instructor, the Production VM will be built approximately one week prior to the beginning of the semester.
  4. Access to the Production VM will be enabled for all students enrolled in the designated class section.
  5. Instructors and students submit technical support request to
  6. Access to the Academic VM will be terminated 2 weeks after the last day of classes for the semester and the VMs will be deleted.
    1. Data for Academic VMs will not be archived.
    2. If an extension for access is required, the instructor must submit a request to prior to the last day of classes.

Request an Academic VM

Submit the request form here.