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What is Content Collection?

The Content Collection is where files and course materials are stored when you upload them to Blackboard.  Each of your courses has its own folder and when you add a file to your course it is stored in the course folder within the Content Collection.   You can think of the Content Collection as the “back room” where your files reside and you can link to the files as needed to allow student access.  Only you have direct access to the “back room.”

We enabled the Content Collection in fall 2013 and you probably noticed this link on your course Control Panel.  We will be enabling additional aspects of the system over the course of 2013-2014 so you will hear about new capabilities as they become available.   More Info

Students Cannot See Content Collection

Students DO NOT see the Content Collection in your course but are able to access links to the files that you make available in a Content Area or Learning Module using the Build menu.   More Info

Where is Content Collection?

You access the Content Collection by clicking the Content tab or by clicking the Content Collection link on your course Control Panel.  In the Content Collection, you can view all folders and files that you have access to, including course folders and your individual storage folder.

The Content tab is located at the top left of the Blackboard screen immediately below the UAlbany logo.

The Control panel within your courses provides access to the Content Collection. When accessed this way you will see the folder for the course that you  are currently logged in to.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.