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What is EMS Web App?

University at Albany purchased EMS (Event Management Systems) by Accruent.  This software solution offers a complete suite of products including the following:

  • Room Scheduling
  • Academic Scheduling (including final exam scheduling)
  • Event Management (including reserving services – e.g. Catering, Parking, UPD, Custodial, etc.)
  • Room Utilization
  • Integration with University Calendar
  • Operational and Statistical Reporting
  • Invoicing

  • EMS Web App provides a fair, transparent process for the most efficient use of University facilities.
  • The system can be accessed from most modern web browsers (Internet Explorer 11.0/10.0, Firefox 30+, Google Chrome 30+, and Safari) .
  • Campus customers and UAlbany website visitors can see immediately if a space is available.
  • All rooms and reservations feed into a master calendar (the University's public calendars can be found at:
  • EMS is the system of record for academic scheduling.


Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.

Questions about a particular space?  See the venue management for details.

Anyone* can look at events as a Guest* and can view space availability and look for events.

University at Albany's public calendar may be found at:

Need Help using the system? Please submit an ITS Service Desk Request.

Where is EMS?    

 Log in here. 

*Off Campus Customers requesting University spaces on a regular basis may request an EMS account through an ITS Service Desk Request. 

Note: all off campus users of University facilities will need to apply for a Revocable Permit.