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2-Step Login with Duo has been implemented for many services where you log in with your UAlbany NetID and password.  2-Step Login with Duo adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring something you know (your NetID and password) and something you have (your secret code or push notification).  This adds an extra layer of protection for you as well as the University community by preventing unauthorized individuals who may have your password from accessing your account, data, and University resources.

When you enroll in 2-Step Login, you will identify the device that receives your one-time, secret code.  The code can be delivered in multiple ways:

  • an app on your smart phone or tablet (recommended)
  • Apple TouchID
  • Yubikey (or similar) security key

  • Duo token

*Note: To enhance security, over the next year we will be reducing the option to use Phone and SMS as a method to receive your secret code. 

Information about 2-Step Login with Duo
  • How does 2-Step Login with Duo work?

Step 1: You submit your NetID [DD123456], or email [] and your password, same as before.

Step 2: You are prompted to provide the one-time, secret code sent to the device you have identified in the enrollment process. If you use the Duo authentication app, you will simply be prompted to Approve or Deny.

Why Deny? Because you may not be the only person who knows your password. 2-Step Login can alert you to this loss of confidentiality. If you get a notification asking to approve your login and you are not the one logging in, you should deny access.  If this happens, then you know that your UAlbany password has been compromised and you should change your password as quickly as possible.

  • Who will be affected by 2-Step Login with Duo?

All faculty, staff, students, and affiliates are required to use 2-Step Login. Those not currently enrolled will be notified by email prior to your enrollment dates.

  • How do I reset my 2-Step Login methods?

If you have a new phone, phone number, or just need to update your 2-Step verification methods, please visit the Duo Device Portal:

Being prompted to set up Duo when logging in?

Unable to log in to an ITS service using Duo?

Got a new phone?

 Most Useful Features of Duo?

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.