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  • 2-Step Login using Duo Mobile App
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Duo Mobile Update

The Duo Mobile App is being redesigned with an updated look and improved experience. The way Duo is used at UAlbany will not change.

The recommended method for 2-Step Verification is to use your smartphone or tablet with the Duo Mobile app installed.

Here's Why:

  • It is Free!
  • Easy Approve/Deny response: The Duo Mobile app works over WiFi and Cellular networks offering a simple Approve/Deny option. No need to type in a six-digit code. 
  • Works with Apple Watches.  Approve your login right from your wrist!
  • Works without a network connection: Even without an active network connection, you can still authenticate by entering the last 6-digit code generated by the app!  
  • No text charges: The SMS option limits you to Cellular network connections only (where data and roaming rates may occur).  If you don't have a Cellular signal, you will not be able to authenticate and gain access!

The first step is to download and install the free Duo Mobile app.  Search for Duo Mobile in your app store and follow the directions on your smartphone or tablet for installing the app.  Instructions to configure your mobile device to use the App can be found here:


Which versions of Android does Duo Mobile support?

What versions of iOS does Duo Mobile support?

Using Duo App (Passcodes)

Duo Mobile Privacy Information (link to Duo website)


If you still have more questions, please check out the 2-Step Login FAQ (Duo)

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.