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2-Step Login with Duo offers a Device Portal where you can update the devices, such as cellphone or landline, that you use to verify your identity with Duo.


You will need to log into the Duo Device Portal to begin.  Please visit:

Log into the Duo Device Portal

  1. Please visit:
  2. Login with your NetID and Password:

  3. Verify your identity using your existing Duo settings:

  4. Once verified through your usual method, you are in!

Add a new device

  1. Once logged in click + Add another device

  2. Select the device type you wish to add, such as a phone number (Landline), a tablet device with the Duo app (Tablet), another cellphone with the Duo app (Mobile phone), your own Security Key, or your iOS security (Touch ID):

  3. Follow the onscreen directions for each device.  Additional instructions can be found here: Setup 2-Step Login for Duo
  4. If you ever need to go back to the main screen for adding a device, you may need to use your browser's Back button

Remove or delete a device

  1. Once logged in you may delete a device as long as you have more 1 device listed.  If you only have 1 device, you will not be able to delete until you add an additional device for Duo to use to verify your identity.
  2. Select the device you wish to delete and click the red trash can

  3. You be prompted to confirm the removal of this device.  Select Remove to delete the device from your list of devices.

  4. Your device will be delete from your list.

Rename a device

  1. For clarity you may wish to rename your device other than the default name assigned to them.
  2. Simply click your device and click on Device Options.

  3. Then click on Change Device Name

  4. You will be able to rename your device  Click Save when done

Reactivate your new phone with the same phone number

  1. If you recently replaced your cellphone with the same phone number, then you will need to reactivate the Duo mobile app on your device
  2. Once logged into the Duo Device Portal, click on your device and select Reactivate Duo Mobile

  3. Follow the on screen instructions to reactivate your particular device

Change your default login method

  1. If you want to change your default device or default behavior when logging in you can change your options after logging in you can choose various options
    1. You can select your Default Device that is prompted by Duo, if you have more than one
    2. You can select how your Default Device behaves:
      1. Ask me to choose an authentication method with prompt you will all choices of verifying your identity that are available to you
      2. Automatically send this device a Duo Push will automatically default to sending a Push to the Duo mobile app, if available  You will need to cancel the Push at the Duo screen at login to choose other options for verifying your identity, such as a phone call or enter a code
      3. Automatically call this device will default to calling your phone  You hit cancel when this is selected as the default, but the phone call will continue to the ring  Once cancelled you can select other options, and the phone will not enable you complete your Duo verification

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.