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Self-Study Timeline - this timeline a subset of the longer timeline.  Revised 11/23/2009

January - May 2009

Subcommittees continue to involve campus community, as appropriate, in their work.  Monthly progress reports and drafts to be submitted to the steering committee.

April 6 (Monday)

1st draft chapters due from each subcommittee.

May 1 (Friday)

Feedback from Messner/Faerman/Szelest to subcommittees to ensure coordination.  Focus on coverage, flow, readability, analytical focus, potential shifting of sections from chapter to chapter.

June 1 (Monday)

Revised chapters due back to Messner/Faerman/Szelest, and made available on wiki to all members of all subcommittees.
Over month of June Messner/Faerman/Szelest will work into a comprehensive draft.

June 15 (Monday)

Steering committee chairs comments (and of their members) on other chapters due to Messner/Faerman/Szelest

July 1 (Wednesday)

Messner/Faerman/Szelest make available and invite comment on the first draft comprehensive self-study document to steering committee, senior administrators, and governance bodies.

July 31 (Friday)

Steering committee members provide feedback on first draft document.

November 6 (Friday)

Make public on wiki a draft self-study document and initiate campus-wide review and comment period.

November 19, 20

Chair of external evaluation team makes a preliminary visit to UAlbany, meets with Steering Committee, Senior Staff, Deans, Student Leaders and Representatives, University Senate Executive Commitee, and University Council.

November 23, 24

Public fora to discuss process of creating the draft self-study, and suggestions for improvement.

December 7 (Monday)

Final date to recieve comments and suggestions from campus community, University Senate, and governance councils. 

December 2009 - February 2010

MSCHE selects evaluation team, UAlbany approves.

February 2010

Send final self-study to evaluation team and MSCHE six weeks prior to visit.

February 2010

Appoint and charge a hospitality logistics committee for the evaluation team visit (IT needs, transportation, airport/hotel pickups, etc.).

March 15-17

Evaluation team visit.

May 2010

Evaluation team report provided to campus.

June/July 2010

UAlbany response to evaluation team report submitted.

Summer 2010

MSCHE Committee on Evaluation Reports meets, and Commission action is rendered.

Original Timeline for Preparing 2008-2010 UAlbany Self-Study, as of July 9, 2008

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