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Issues and questions this subcommittee will entertain:

MSCHE has expectations for the following :

MSCHE states that "The integrity and credibility of an educational program rest directly on the institution's acceptance of responsibility for all activities conducted in its name or under its sponsorship. Consistent with their missions, many institutions offer programs and activities that are defined by their particular content, focus, location, mode of delivery, or sponsorship. These offerings could include:"

  • basic skills,
  • certificate programs,
  • evaluated experiential learning,
  • non-credit offerings,
  • branch campuses/additional locations/other instructional sites,
  • distance or distributed learning, and
  • contractual relationships/affiliated providers, among others.

The Characteristics of Excellence guideto self-study preparation describes the fundamental elements that institution's which have these types of activities must demonstrate to be in compliance with this standard.

*Evidence of Integrity should be interwoven in with the above discussions. MSCHE's overall interest in institutional integrity is that:

Integrity is a central, indispensable and defining hallmark of effective higher education institutions, and it can manifest itself through the institution's conduct within each of the other standards.

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As related to these Middle States standards:

Standard 13: Related Educational Offerings

The institution's programs or activities that are characterized by particular content, focus, location, mode of delivery, or sponsorship meet appropriate standards.

Standard 6: Integrity

In the conduct of its programs and activities involving the public and the constituencies it serves, the institution demonstrates adherence to ethical standards and its own stated policies, providing support for academic and intellectual freedom.

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