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Doors that must be unlocked

Sometimes these doors get locked when the building is being cleaned at night. Please check to make sure that these doors are all unlocked. Unlock them if necessary.

  1. LI-137A: Mac computer room. (This door should remain unlocked at all times; the key is located in the department key box).
  2. The Lower Level Lab and Periodical doors need to be opened each morning.
    1. The keys for both sets of doors are in the keybox on a black stretchy band that has a yellow (LLL) fob and a red (Periodicals) fob attached.
    2. Go downstairs and prop open all the doors (they have magnets that make them stick to the walls).
    3. Make sure these doors are still locked. At closing the doors are just shut, so it is important that the doors remain locked.

Return Bins

  1. Open the key box and retrieve the keys to the return bins. They are three keys connected on a single chain.
  2. Take an unused cart to the return bin located outside of the University Library front entrance. Unlock it using the two keys farthest from each other on the chain. Place books and media on the cart. Make sure to lock the bin after use.
  3. Next unlock the return bin located inside the front entrance of the University Library using the key in the middle of the chain. Make sure to lock the bin after use.
  4. Place the cart behind the Circulation Desk, ready to be processed.

Circulation Desk

  1. Turn on the computers and monitors at the Circulation Desk
  2. Use desktop shortcuts to open the following in a browser
    1. Alma
    2. Primo
    3. Info/question form

Cash Register

  1. There MUST be two people present before any money is handled. A seperate instruction page for this is located at: Daily Cash Handling.
  2. The cash drawer is locked in the safe by the Student Supervisors desk at night. Open the safe with the combination.
    1. Collect keys to the cash register from the lockbox. They are on a yellow dragon keychain.
    2. Put the register key in, turn it to REG, press CLERK button, enter your register number, press CLERK again.
    3. Turn key to X, push 1 then SBTL.
    4. The X reading should start coming out. Wait until it finishes and staple it to the pink cash slip.
  3. Check the credit card machine for tampering. The binder of sheets are the the top right hand drawer of the Student Supervisors desk. 
    1. Retrieve the inspection binder, inspect the charge machine, and answer the inspection questions. 
    2. The binder at the University Library is located in the top right drawer of the student supervisor desk. The binder at the Science Library is located in the middle drawer to the left of the cash register at the circulation desk. 
    3. If the inspection is okay, return the binder to the desk drawer. If the inspection is not okay, report the findings to the Head of Access Services and Library Accounting immediately.
  4. If there are any charge slips in the cash drawer you need to run a settlement on the charge machine.
    1. To run a settlement press the Settlement button.
    2. Enter the password 1 ALPHA ALPHA (XXXXX)
    3. Add up the charge slips to make sure the total matches.
    4. Press enter to finish running the settlement.
    5. Staple the settlement on top of the charge slips
  5. (The following Instructions are for weekday operations only) Count the drawer using the pink cash slip. Be sure to put the date, day of week, time and the two peoples initials on the slip.
    1. Put loose change in different envelopes of each denomination.
    2. Put the wrapped change in the bank bag.
    3. Put the charge settlement and previous pink cash slips on top of the bills. Wrap the change envelopes around this bundle and rubber band it all together.
    4. Put this bundle in the bank bag, fold it over a few times and rubber band it all together.
    5. Keep the bank bag with you until you hand it over to Debbie. (weekdays)
  6. Count the money bag that Debbie provides you and put it in the register drawer.