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  • Carrels are requested via electronic application, and are available for for PhD students, and sometimes Master's level students if there is availability 
  • Carrels are private study space with a desk, book shelf, and locking door, located on the second and third floor of the University Library
  • Up to 2 people can be assigned to each carrel
  • Carrels are assigned for up to 1 year, all with a 5/31 due date, and can be renewed for a second year. Exceptions can be made to extend longer if carrels are available
  • Students in both Master's level and PhD level programs are considered PhD students

Requesting a Study Carrel

  1. Direct PhD students to libraries homepage:
  2. Select Resources for Graduate Students on the left of the homepage
  3. Select Apply for a Study Carrel, at the bottom of the Essential Library Services for Graduate Students list
  4. Student will fill in the form with their information and select Submit at the bottom of the page.  Study Carrel requests are sent to the Circulation Carrel mailbox.

Assigning a Study Carrel 

It will be necessary to either toggle between two spreadsheets, or use a PC with dual screens, while assigning a carrel

  1. Open the Circulation Carrel mailbox through webmail by selecting Open Another Mailbox, and typing Circulation Carrel
  2. The mailbox will be populated with the individual requests for new carrels and renewals 
  3. Open each email and process as follows:
    1. Access the Key List spreadsheet located at Caesar>Circserv>Lockers and Carrels> 
      1. Spreadsheet has Carrel Number, A or B, key number, key barcode, assigned date, patron's name, Albany ID# and email address
    2. Access the Carrel Key Assignment spreadsheet located at Caesar>Circserv>Lockers and Carrels>Carrel Key Assignment (Note the spreadsheet offers a duplicate copy of the assignment.  Only one assignment is populated, and it automatically duplicats in the second)
    3. Using the Key List spreadsheet, determine which carrel is empty, and assign it to the patron
      1. Add the assigned date, patron's name, Albany ID# and email address 
    4. Toggle to the Carrel Key Assignment spreadsheet, and populate the patron's information, most of which can be copied and pasted from their emailed Carrel Request form
    5. Toggle back to the Key List spreadsheet, and copy the key number, toggle back to the Carrel Key Assignment spreadsheet, and paste in the appropriate field
    6. Repeat the above process and copy and past the key barcode to the Carrel Key Assignment spreadsheet
    7. On the Carrel Key Assignment spreadsheet, enter the correct carrel number, and the floor the carrel is on, 2nd or 3rd.
    8. Print the Carrel Key Assignment, and two copies will print- Patron Copy and Library Copy
    9. Go to the carrel key box, currently on Laurie Constable's desk, and retrieve the appropriate key for the study carrel
      1. Check the key out to the patron, by copying and pasting the barcode from the Key List spreadsheet, and performing the checkout function on the patron's ALEPH account
      2. Tape the key to the top of the Patron Copy of the Carrel Key Assignment in the designated space
      3. Paperclip, and place both copies, patron copy on top, in the bin behind the circulation desk that is labeled, Carrel Keys to be Picked-up
    10. Respond to the email Carrel Request, and inform the patron of their carrel assignment.  Use the following, or similar message:
      1. Hello ________ , You have been assigned a study carrel at the University Library.  Please come to the circulation desk to pick up your key.  You are sharing your carrel with another patron.  Please contact them to set up a mutual study schedule.  
        John Doe  If you have any questions, please let me know. (If only one person is assigned to a carrel, omit the information about sharing a carrel)
    11. Move the study carrel request email to the Assigned email folder
    12. Place the Library Copy of the Carrel Key Assignment form in the appropriate binder, 2nd or 3rd floor.  The binders a located on the clerks desk that processes study carrel assignments
    13. Hole punch and place Library Copy of Carrel Key Assignment form in the appropriate Carrel Binder, located on the bookcase in Laurie Constable's work area. One binder is for the 2nd floor, and one for the 3rd.

Key Pick- up and Return at the Circulation Desk

  • Key Pick up
    1. Retrieve the Carrel Key Assignment forms, and attached key from the bin Carrel Keys to be Picked-up- located behind the circulation desk
    2. The key is already checked out, so give the user the Patron Copy with the attached key, and ask them to sign and date the Library Copy
    3. Place the Library Copy in the bottom try of the Carrel key bin
  • Key Return
    1. Retrieve a Study Carrel Return Form from behind the circulation desk
    2. Ask the patron to complete the form
    3. Tape the key to the form where indicated
    4. Check off Received Key in the Staff Use Only section of the form (do not check the key in)
    5. Place the form with the attached key in the Study Carrel bin behind the circulation desk

Checking in and Un-assigning a Study Carrel

  1. Retrieve the keys turned in at the circulation desk from the bin behind the circulation desk
  2. Verify the key in hand is correct, comparing it to the assigned key in the Key List spreadsheet
  3. Copy and Paste the barcode, and complete the check-in process in ALEPH
  4. Go to the Key List spreadsheet, and remove the patron's information from the assigned carrel
  5. Place the key back in the Carrel key box in its assigned space
  6. Remove all patron documentation in the Carrel Binder, and shred the patron's information

Renewing a Study Carrel

  • Follow the same process for Requesting a new Study Carrel
  • Once the request is received, it is reviewed and a determination is made.  
    • If it's the user's second year, it is approved
      •  Update the Carrel Key assignment spreadsheet to say Renewed, and then the date
      • Renew the carrel key for the patron in Aleph
      • Email the patron, and place the Carrel Key Assignment form in the binder (if one was submitted), or updated the existing form to indicate the new due date. 
    • If the request exceeds the second year, it will be considered after all requests in hand are filled. If carrels remain, a patron may receive an additional year to use the carrel

Master's Level Requests

  • After all current requests for PhD students are filled, requests for Master's level students may then be filled.