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The Access Services Department is responsible for staffing library service desks at all hours the libraries are open, delivering library services to users and partner libraries, and keeping the University and Science Library facilities open. The department coordinates its busy service rotation through a weekly service rotation schedule. The Assistant Head sets the weekly schedule, and the two Library Clerks 3 update the schedule on a daily basis to address unplanned staff absences and service demands. Schedules run Thursday - Wednesday to follow the pay week. The department uses the When to Work scheduling application to manage service rotation scheduling.

Weekly Schedule

Populate schedules in the following order. Availability View is helpful for setting up schedules, switch to graphical view to make sure that all hours are covered.

  1. Populate Science Facility schedule

    • At least 2 bodies are needed at the Science Library. We typically use 1 staff member and 2 student employees

    • Check student coverage; if gaps in student coverage, use additional clerical staff member or move ULIB student employee to SL

    • Minimize back and forth movement between libraries

    • Base start and end times around staff members' start times/end times for shifts and meal breaks

    • Allow for 15 minutes travel time when staff members are moving between ULIB and SL

  2. Populate ULIB circ desk leader schedule
    • 1 staff member on at all times

    • If no student employees, double up staff member when classes in session.

    • breaks/recess: helpful to double up with staff members if no student employees in case someone is out sick (easier to juggle schedule)

    • Avoid (when possible) shifts lasting longer than 3 hours; 2 hours is ideal shift length.

    • Short staffed/no staff members readily available (dept meetings)? Utilize student employees and set one staff member as the point person

  3. Openers
    • Fill in Science and ULIB opening shifts based on staff schedules.

    • We have 2 openers in ULIB and 1 opener for Science (we have 3 people assigned to opening so one can be a floater if someone calls out)

    • Opening shifts start 30 minutes before the building opens M-F, and 15 minutes before the building opens Sat/Sun

  4. Cash/Book Drops
    • Schedule 2:30pm - 3pm Monday - Friday

    • Adjust this timing by 30 minutes if absolutely needed.

    • Access Services interfaces with Library Accounting to refresh cash drawer for evening operations before accounting staff leave for the day; timing has been agreed upon by both departments.

  5. Student Payroll
    • Student payroll is processed every other week, and we need to meet payroll deadlines to ensure our student employees get paid on time.

    • Schedule:

      • Wednesday night 1 hour (Katlyn/Jeff/Charlene)

      • Thursday afternoon/night 3 hours (Katlyn/Jeff/Charlene)

      • Friday morning 2 hours (Candie/Charlene)

      • Sunday night 1 hour (Katlyn)

      • Tuesday 1.5 hours (Laurie)

    • Workflow, detailed schedule and procedure: (wiki link needed)

  6. ULIB Student Delegation
    • Identify times when we have student trainees & more than 3 students total: these are times that need student delegation staffing

      • First weeks of semester will have variability, so print weekly ULIB student schedule and identify times each week

      • Once semester schedule is set, note needs for semester

      • Compare each week's schedule to the semester needs to determine if variation needed for the week.

    • Populate delegation schedule

    • If there are times when we do not have adequate staff members to cover Science, ULIB desk, and delegation, the ULIB desk leader will place students at desk and cover delegation

      • this is a good approach to take when we are short staffed and need to devote resources to ILL

    • When we have 3 students or less, the desk leader can cover delegation.

  7. ULIB ILL processing
    • Fill in Library Clerk 2/Office Assistant 1 schedules with ILL processing

    • If scheduling is tight and have limited hours for ILL, look to freeing up staff from other duties (see notes above about desk and delegation)


  • It can be helpful to populate the Thursday schedule first (that way it's ready to go), then populate the rest of the week.

  • include 15 min. overlaps when possible for Science Facility, ULIB desk leader, student delegation (this allows info exchange during staff hand off).

  • Use clerical staff to greatest extent possible; If need arises to schedule professionals/academic, check Outlook calendars to make sure free.

  • Avoid scheduling people for the first & last 15 minutes of work shift (exceptions for opener/closer)

Daily Schedule Updates

Daily schedules may need to be adjusted as staff members call out. Library Clerks 3 are primarily responsible for adjusting schedules when staff members call out. 

  • Primary focus is covering service desks in the University and Science Libraries. 

  • Minimize movement between the two buildings.

  • Students can be used to cover desk when short-staffed, but have a point-person to assist student employees.

  • Make sure meal breaks are maintained (adjusting break time might be necessary)

  • Contact Assistant Head or Head to discuss potential comp/overtime needs to ensure coverage.