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  • Resetting ULIB Security Gate People Counters
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  • The University Library security gates have integrated People Counters that record the number of people entering and exiting the University Library.
  • The people count data are automatically sent to a server.
  • We do not need to record gate count numbers directly from the security gates.
  • However, a staff member needs to reset the count daily at opening so that the gate application can accurately calculate the total number of people in the library each day.


  1. There is a PC in LI-125 located at the far end of the room on the right-side. This PC is used for Aleph notices, ILLiad electronic delivery, and the security gate software.
  2. Turn on monitor and log on to the PC using the default login.
  3. Make sure all three applications (Aleph print daemon, ILLiad Electronic Delivery Utility, and StaffConnect gate software) are up and running. Load any of these applications that are not running (sometimes this PC restarts for updates and applications need to be restarted, too)
  4. Make sure that the green dot is illuminated on the “Do Pedestal Data Gather” icon. If the dot is red, click the icon to restart the data gather. Note, the SIP icon dot should be red.
  5. Reset the gate counter for the day by clicking the button labeled Reset Baseline.

  6. Click OK through the next two prompts without entering any additional information.

  7. The gate count number will display as 0.

  8. Lock the PC (Window - L) and turn off the monitor.


If you are unable to reset the gate counter, or if a negative number displays, try the following:
  • Restart the PC and applications
  • Click the Do Pedestal Data Gather icon.
  • Check power and data connections at the actual gates (power and data plug into the wall to the left of the gates; power only plugs into the wall to the right of the gates), and make sure the gates are plugged in for power and data.
  • Contact a department manager to submit a help ticket to the vendor (Bibliotheca) if these steps do not work.