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Requesting Book Chapters for Electronic Reserves 

Up to one chapter or 10% of a book may be made available through electronic reserves.

After creating an electronic reserves page for a particular course in Blackboard (click here for instructions), follow these steps to request book chapters for your electronic reserves page. Library staff will scan chapters and upload them to your electronic reserves page. If the Libraries have an e-book version of a title, library staff may be able to create a link to the book or book chapter on your electronic reserves page.

  1. Log into Blackboard ( using your University NetID and password.
  2. Under My Courses, select the course for which you wish to access the electronic reserves.

  3. Select the Electronic Reserves link from the left-hand navigation bar, if your electronic reserves page does not automatically display.


  4. Select the Add Reserve Items link from the  E-Reserves Tools menu.
  5. Select the Chapter link.

  6. Complete the book chapter reserve request form by filling in all required citation information (marked by an asterisk on the form), and indicate how the item will be supplied (i.e., instructor will bring book to library, link to e-book, library staff pull from the shelf). Optional fields on the book chapter request form may also be completed: tags can be entered on this form, if using tags to organize electronic reserve materials; item availability dates can be entered on this form, too.

  7. Click the Submit Item button at the bottom of the form.
  8. Library staff will make the book chapter available on your electronic reserves page.

Contact reserves staff at or 442-3614 for additional assistance.

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