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General Information

  • Refunds are necessary as a result of over-payments taken for fines, fees, and lost books. 
  • There are a few circumstances that can lead to processing a refund:
    • Appeal decisions
    • Items returned after a patron pays for them
    • ALEPH charging duplicate or incorrect fine amounts that require manual updating
    • Human error
  • To facilitate the refund process, a Refund Request form is used to share patron information and the reason for the return. 
  • Circulation is the starting point of the refund process, which them moves on to Library Accounting and various other departments.
  • A check is finally generated and mailed to the patron to satisfy the over-payment. 
  • Refunds usually take a couple of weeks to process.

Determining If a Refund is Appropriate

  • Refunds must be processed within 1 year from the original payment, with the following exceptions:
    • Lost Book replacement refunds may be made beyond the 1 year limit IF the book has yet to be replaced by the library
    • Unique circumstances surrounding the refund request. 
  • All refunds should be discussed with the Head of Access Services before processing.

Preparing the Refund Request

The Circulation Billing Unit is responsible for beginning the refund process.  When it is determined that an over payment is made, a Refund Request form is completed.  Forms are kept with the billing staff.

  1. Enter the corresponding amounts in the Fines, and/or Lost(Replacement/Processing Fee) areas
  2. Circle the reason for the refund; Appeal, Staff Error, ALEPH Error, or Other.
    1. If Other is chosen, supply a brief explanation
  3. Enter the name of the person completing the form in the Staff Name area
  4. Attach the Refund Request to the ALEPH Cash Summary printout showing the over-payment, highlighting applicable entries
  5. Place the completed Refund Request in the Admin. Services mailbox in the back of room 119

Generating an ALEPH Cash Summary

  1. Select Cash from the Patron Activity menu
  2. Select Print from the menu on the far right of the screen
  3. Cash Administration box will pop up
    1. Select Yes to print all transactions for the patron, if you need them all to support the refund OR
    2. Select No to print only the filtered transactions (highlighted), if you only need a portion of the patron transactions to support the refund
  4. Cash Summary will appear in Print Preview
    1. Select Print to print the summary
    2. Select Close to close the window and complete the printing process
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