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Proxy User Policies

  • A proxy is given when a sponsor has given permission for someone (proxy) to pick up materials on their behalf.
  • A sponsor can only be faculty/staff and registered persons with disabilities.
  • If the sponsor is blocked, the proxy cannot check anything out on their behalf.
  • The sponsor of the proxy sets the expiration date of the proxy.
  • The sponsor is responsible for any fines and lost book fees incurred by materials checked out by their proxy.

Completing the Proxy User Form

  1. The sponsor of the proxy must fill out a PROXY Registration form and sign it.
  2. Photocopy the proxy borrower's photo ID.
  3. Use a new paper proxy borrower card.  They are white and located in the box where the barcode stickers are kept in the cabinet behind the circulation desk.
  4. Get 2 matching barcodes from the barcode sheet and place one on the proxy card and one on the bottom right of the Proxy Registration form.
  5. Issue a White Proxy Card.

Adding a Proxy User In ALEPH

  1. In ALEPH, open the patron record for the sponsor. This needs to be open in order to easily find the sponsor's ID
  2. Write down the System Number (00) under the Additional ID's tab.  This may be all #'s, sometimes starting with letters, (but write down everything) and the Patron Status under Local Patron Information.
  3. Select "New Patron" from the menu bar on Global Patron screen.
  4. Create a new patron and enter in the barcode, the Proxy's name information followed by "PROXY".  Click Update.
  5. In Global Patron Information, on the left towards the bottom, enter the Sponsor's ID exactly as it appeared before and set 2 boxes below that, to "99" from the dropdown.  Click Update
  6. In the Local Patron Information, enter the Sponsor's Patron Status.
  7. Click "Get Defaults", adjust the expiration date to what the sponsor indicated on the "PROXY" Registration form.
  8. Click Update.
  9. In Address information, click Duplicate and switch the Address Type so that you have one address that's Type 01 and the other as type 02 (every record should always have 1 of each address type).
  10. Click Add.