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Accepting reserve requests at service desks

  • Have instructor fill out blue reserve form
  • Verify that all fields have been completed (i.e., instructor name, course name and number, semester, reserve, item title(s), loan period(s)
  • Place form and any instructor provided materials on red truck next to Angela's office

Removing/returning personal copies at instructor request

  • Determine course(s)/book titles instructor wants removed and locate call numbers in catalog
  • Retrieve items for instructor
  • List all items being returned to instructor on pink form (include barcode numbers) and have patron complete top half of form
  • Place form on red truck next to Angela's office

If the instructor returns either slip to the Science or Dewey circulation desks, make sure it is put in the mail to be sent to Angela's office at the Main library.

Extending loan periods for instructors

  • Determine whether item is on course reserve or permanent reserve
    • If item is on permanent reserve we would extend the loan period for any faculty member
    • If item is on course reserve we would only extend the loan period for the instructor of that course
  • Due dates can be extended by clicking 'Change Due Date' on patron's loan screen
    • Override if necessary
  • Click 'Done' so that patrons receive email with new due dates

Non-faculty patrons cannot be granted reserve extensions.

Using ALMA reserves interface

  • This is where reserve courses are created and maintained and items are added to reserves
  • When logged in in ALMA select 'Fullfillment'→ 'Courses'
  • Courses are listed by Code, Name, Department, Instructor, Term, and other important information
  • Courses can by ordered by any of the categories 
  • Courses can be displayed by 'Facets', listed on the left of the page
  • Course information can be edited by clicking on a 'Course Code'
  • Courses can be added by clicking the 'Add Course' button at the top of the course list

Searching ALMA (and how to determine which course item is on reserve)

  • When logged into a library, change the search category to 'Courses'
  • Courses can be searched by 'Course Code', 'Instructor Name', 'Year', etc  
    • Titles can also be searched by selecting the 'All' option
  • If the item is on reserve, it will provide the course number, name, and instructor

Searching PRIMO (and how to determine the status of a course item)

  • When logged into PRIMO, Course Reserves can be searched like regular loan books
  • To determine if a course reserve is checked out, click on the course title card and check the availability
    • The availability will state when the item is due back