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Laptop Policies

  • The University Library lends both Dell and Apple laptops and laptop accessories (power cords & mice) to current students, faculty and staff.  Laptops may NOT be borrowed by courtesy borrowers, guests, alumni, or students from other SUNY schools.

  • We do not lend power cords separately from laptops, but we do lend out mice separately.
  • Laptops circulate for four hours.  

  • Laptops may NOT be renewed.  If a patron wants a laptop longer than the period allowed, they may fill out another agreement and borrow another laptop if one is available.  They cannot borrow out the same laptop they already had until one hour has passed.

  • Patrons cannot save files on the laptops. 

  • The fine for late return of a laptop is $15 (even for part of an hour).  There are also penalties for laptop damage or loss.

Patrons may remove laptops from the libraries and campus, however, failure to return a laptop on time due to class running late or forgetting it at home is not an acceptable excuse.

Checking Laptops Out

  1. Ask patron is they want a Mac or a PC and if they want a mouse. 
  2. Have patron complete a Laptop Inventory form (forms can be found in top drawer at each workstation).
  3. Retrieve laptop, power cord, laptop bag and mouse (if requested). 
    • Laptops and power cords are located in the laptop lending cart
    • Laptop bags are on trucks beneath the circulation desk
    • Mice are in the cabinet with the group study room keys
  4. Check out laptop, power cord, and mouse (if requested).  Each item must be checked out separately.
  5. Place laptop, power cord, and mouse (if requested) in laptop bag.  Make sure laptop bag doesn't contain any old receipts.
  6. Review Laptop Inventory form to make sure top section was completed by patron.
  7. Enter number of pieces checked out, time checked out, and your initials into the Staff Use Only section.
  8. Give laptop bag to patron.
  9. File the form in numerical order by laptop number in the plastic file holder on top of the laptop lending cart.

Checking Laptops In

  1. Check in laptop, power cord, and mouse (if borrowed).  Each item must be checked in separately.
  2. Find corresponding Laptop Inventory form in the plastic file holder on top of the laptop lending cart, make sure all checked out pieces were returned, and complete the Staff Use Only section.
  3. Place Laptop Inventory form in the Completed Laptop Forms folder in the plastic file holder on top of the laptop lending cart.
  4. If the laptop being checked in is a Mac, clean the laptop.  PCs do not need to be cleaned.
    1. Log out of maclending user
    2. Login with the username Clean and the password thismac
    3. The Clean this Mac app should start automatically, but if it doesn't there is a shortcut to the application in the upper left hand corner.
    4. When prompted, enter the password thismac and allow the process to run. 
    5. The computer will automatically restart and then login as maclending.
    6. Log off.
  5. Return laptop to appropriate place in the laptop cabinet.  Plug the laptop in and place the charger on top of the laptop.

Handling Malfunctioning/Damaged Laptops

If a patron reports that a laptop or laptop accessory is not working properly or damaged:

  1. Check to make sure it is actually damaged before taking it out of service; you may consult with staff at the IT desk for help determining this. 
  2. If the laptop is indeed damaged, create a work order for the laptop. 
  3. Put a note on top of the laptop so staff will know that this item should not circulate and place the laptop back in the laptop lending cart. 
    1. Damaged accessories should be put on the Damaged Book shelf behind the circulation desk.
  4. Submit a Library Help Request Form
    1. Go to http://libstaff/technology/ticket/
    2. Complete form (select "PC Support" in "This message concerns" section) and click submit button.
  5. Send email describing issue to

For further instruction, please visit: Damaged Items