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Processing Lending Returns in ILLiad

  1. Click the Lending functions tab and then click the Lending Returns button.

  2. Make sure the Item Shipped and Auto Process buttons are clicked.

  3. If the item has paperwork with it, enter either the transaction number or the ILL number of the item being returned in the Transaction, Item, or ILL Number field and hit return.  You’ll see the item appear in the Processed list below. 

  4. If the item does not have paperwork with it, enter title or author information in the Citation Information field and hit enter.  A list of search results will appear below.  Double click the result matching the item being checked in to check the item in. 

  5. Dispose of all paperwork included with the item. 

  6. Close the Batch Process: Lending Returns tab once you have finished processing all items.

Processing ILLiad Lending Returns in Alma

  1. Transfer slips should print for any items returning to the Science and Dewey Libraries.
    1. Put the slips in the items and place them in the appropriate courier bins in LI-125.

  2. Log in to Alma and select the University Library Circulation Desk.

  3. Check in all remaining items and place them with preshelving.