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When Checking In an Item

  • Check for damage or missing spines labels and barcodes
  • Make sure all disks are present for media items
    • Re-lock DVD and CD cases
  • Double discharge and sensitize before placing on the appropriate shelving cart or shelf:
    • regular books
    • media 
    • reserves

Damaged items should be sent to Tech Services or Preservation before being sent to another institution or a patron.

Next Steps

Transfer Slips/Resource Sharing

  • Printed receipts after check-in that say "Transfer to:" should be placed on the appropriate shelf at circulation or into the appropriate bin to be mailed out
    • Science
    • Dewey 
    • Resource Sharing/Office Delivery

Resource Sharing and Office Delivery items need to be processed at the virtual Resource Sharing Desk


  • Place item on hold shelf

Damaged Books

  • Includes:
    • physical damage, excessive writing
    • Missing call number label or barcode
    • loose binding
  • Put on damaged book shelf

Damaged Books - Borrowing Returns

  • Noticeable damage to returned books borrowed from other institutions should be written on a note and kept with the item
  • Damage books from other institutions should not be put on UA Library damaged books shelves

Declared Lost

  • Place item on 'Item Declared Lost' shelf or in appropriate bin

Non-Library Items

Occasionally non-library items will be brought to the circulation desk:

Returned to library at circulation desk or in return bins

  • Put on the 'Gift Books' shelf, or in appropriate bin

Found in library

Bookstore Rentals

  • Locate the owner of the item and page or email them if possible
  • If the owner cannot be paged, bookstore rentals can be returned via campus mail to:

    Attn: Sue
    UAlbany Bookstore
    1400 Washington Ave
    Albany, NY 12222

    • Include patron's name with rental if possible, if not include a note saying we don't have patron's information.