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Multiple barcodes can be bulk-uploaded to a single job in Caiasoft.

  1. On the circulation homepage, click ‘Retrieval Request File’ button from the Circulation Operations menu (lower left).

  2. A series of drop-down options will appear:
    1. File Format: ‘External Retrieval Requests – Barcode only’
    2. Choose File, click the ‘Choose File’ button and select the file of barcodes you wish to upload. (Pulling project: \\caesar\circserv\Science Truck Audits\Storage Pulling\To Be Processed)
    3. Request Type: ‘Physical Retrieval’
    4. Circulation Stop: ‘SL : Circulation Desk’
    5. Requester: Your name

  3. Click ‘Upload’

  4. You will be brought back to the Circulation dashboard. A new ‘External Retrieval Requests’ job should be at the bottom of job queue. Make sure the number of items in the job matches the number of barcodes in the file uploaded. Click on the job #.

  5. The request will open on a new page: Verify the barcodes, request types, stop, requestor, and details are all accurate, Click ‘Apply to Job’.

  6. On new page, choose ‘New Job (Stop SL)’ from drop-down menu, Click ‘Apply Requests’

  7. You will get verification that new job has been created. Click ‘Close Stream’

  8. Back on the Circulation dashboard, there will now be a new job at the bottom of the queue listed as ‘Physical Retrieval’.  Click the job.

  9. Click Pick List by Job, and click Generate to get a printable PDF.

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