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Appeals Process Overview

  • The appeal process is designed to allow library users the opportunity to dispute fines, fees, or lost material charges levied against them by the University Libraries.
  • The process includes an impartial review by the Appeals Committee, comprised of library faculty and staff, only one of which may be from Access Services.
  • Patrons may borrow material while appeals are pending by overriding the block. This can be done by staff members only (see ALEPH Blocks procedure).
  • Refer any questions about the appeal process or a particular appeal to the Calculation Clerk, or Billing Supervisor.

Accepting Appeals at the Circulation Desk

  1. Make sure the fine was accrued within the last 6 months.  Appeals are not accepted after the 6 month period unless approved by the Head of Access Services.
  2. Provide the user with a University Libraries Library Fines Appeals Form to complete.
    • University Library: forms located behind the circulation desk in the form caddie
    • Science Library: forms located in the circulation desk drawer labeled Circulation Forms
  3. Review the form to ensure it was properly and completely filled out by the user, including the amount being appealed and the user signature.
  4. Locate the patron's library record in ALEPH, and verify name, address, ID#, and amount being appealed are accurate on the form, and adjust as needed.
  5. Add a note to the users library record
    1. Select Global Patron Information from the left side menu bar

    2. Select the Global Blocks and Notes tab 

    3. Add the following in the Global Note 1 field: Appeal Pending (today’s date) (your initials)

    4. Select the Update button in the upper right corner of the screen

  6. Place your initials on the upper right corner of the Appeal Form where indicated.
  7. Place the competed Appeal Form in the top tray behind the cash register at the University Library, or in the metal tray on the Science Library circulation desk.

What Happens After the Patron Submits an Appeal

  1. Calculations Clerk reviews and prepares appeals to go to the Appeal's Committee
  2. Appeal's Committee chair, retrieves completed forms, and the committee meets periodically to review and render decisions
  3. Appeal decisions are sent to the Calculations Clerk, who contacts users with appeal decisions
  4. Calculations Clerk places a note in the patron's Global Notes indicating the decision, and updates/ adjusts the patron financials in ALEPH and PeopleSoft according to appeal decision
  5. Calculations Clerk files the appeal in the Patron Files located in room 119