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  • Access Services Department Meeting 2022-01-14
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  • Share out information about supervisory transitions.
  • Gather ideas for COVID contingency plans

Discussion items


Resource SharingAngela

when processing Alma RS lending returns (our stuff coming back from other libraries)

  • Use scan in items and select print slips
  • Do not use return items
  • If using return item, message says reshelve to RS library
Supervisory TransitionsKabel

With Charlene leaving, her direct reports will be temp reassigned to other supervisors while we work together to thin about our long-term organizational structure.

  • Ellen will report to Carlos
  • Dave will report to Jeff
  • Candie will report to Angela
  • Lynn will report to Angela

Contingency Planning
  • curbside if facilities shut down
  • courtesy borrowers: ability to borrow is determined by campus allowing visitors on campus
  • transition to single building
  • close down building/reduce hours in another building
  • prioritization: service desk, paging materials for users, reserves, ILL, collections
  • on call/zoom at desk
  • course reserves: increased digitizaiton
  • rotating teams
  • online processing and other work from home?

Wrap up
Next week: focus on Opportunities and Threats for our SWOT

Action items