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  • Access Services Department Meeting 2022-01-12
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11am - Noon




Discussion items

15 minStudent Schedule TemplateCharlene
  • Reviewed draft student schedule template.
  • Suggestions for changes:
    • Sunday: open at noon, remove 10-12 shift, one staff member at noon; open until 11pm; remove student 3:15pm - 7:45pm

    • Friday: Science closes at 5pm, ULIB closes at 8pm

    • Weekday overlap: Tues-Thurs 12:30pm - 3:45pm have good coverage

    • Katlyn's break 7pm - 8pm; desk trained coverage for the 7pm hour would be good (basement closing takes place starting at 7:30pm); starting at 7:30pm would be good

10 minExtending Winter Intersession HoursKabel
  • Spring semester start is delayed to Monday 1/24.
  • All three libraries will open with limited hours next week
  • ULIB: Closed Monday, 9am - 6pm Tues - Fri, Closed Sat, Noon - 7:30pm Sun
  • Dewey: Closed Monday, 9am - 5pm Tues - Fri, Closed Sat/Sun
  • Sci: Closed Monday, 9am - 5pm Tues - Fri, Closed Sat/Sun
30 minAccess Services Staffing ProposalKabel

Staffing Concepts for potential staff:

  • Access Services Documentation and Training Associate (SL-2): maintain/create documentation, manage wiki, develops training, supports student employment operation. Possible schedule 8a-4p
  • Late night staff member (SL-2 or Library Clerk III): provides necessary contingency staffing for current Science Library closing (9pm) and University Library closing (11pm), provides extended hours coverage (flexes schedule for finals hours).
  • Library Clerk III takes over the management of the Storage facility following vacancy from another department, provides opening coverage Monday – Friday, greater staff presence in Science Library.
  • Library Clerk II: provides opening coverage Monday – Friday
  • Dewey Library LC2: allows us to continue providing Sunday hours and supports precarious evening staffing, Monday - Thursday; the position will assist in supporting access services and scholars archive functions.
  • Office Assistant I: back fill vacant evening position

Send ideas to Kabel

Action items

  • Availability view schedule distributed to staff so everyone can see how student template compares to staffing Carlos Zamora