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  • Access Services Department Meeting 2021-07-15
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Discussion items

  • Office/Home delivery setup:
    • created new desk in Alma called "Personal Delivery: Default Circulation Desk"
    • will need to select this desk when processing personal delivery requests
    • will prevent personal delivery requests from being accidentally checked in when processing
    • ILLiad home deliveries will also work better: won't need to change pickup location when distance student submits ILLiad request
    • change to transfer slip: Transfer to "Personal Delivery: Office" or "Personal Delivery: Home"
    • Office deliveries off pick list at Science or Dewey: okay to process office deliveries where ever based, don't need to send to ULIB. Check in at personal delivery desk and send to patron; let someone in ULIB know when sending out personal deliveries from Sci/Dew so staff understand where slips came from
  • Laptops
  • COVID protocols
  • WFH
  • mask wearing
  • Small equipment

Fall Semester Prep
  • Furniture
  • Building access
  • Signage
  • Community Borrowers
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Re-opening the Stacks
  • Return to LI-119

SWOT: Opportunities

Opportunities concepts:

  • What could we do better if we had resources to do it?
  • What are things happening outside our organization that we would like to take advantage of?
  • What are things that we can build from our strengths?

Preliminary list of opportunities

Meeting wrap up
  • Action items and next steps
  • Next meeting: week of 7/26 (ELD and student employment)

Action items

  • Office delivery training for Dewey staff Angela Persico  
  • Documentation for personal delivery
  • Ryan's business cards for reservations; what will equipment reservations look like?
  • Announcements and covid/masking requirements during busy times
  • community borrower forms and training