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  • Access Services Department Managers Meeting 20210504
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2pm - 3pm




  • Discuss and develop shared understanding of documents Peter wants for clerical evals, how we will handle claims returned issues that are coming up, and register issues
  • Begin planning for, make decisions on summer/fall operational changes, set timeline for changes
  • Gather feedback on summer scheduling template

Discussion items

25 minUpdates/Department HousekeepingAll
  • Clerical Staff evaluations: what to send to Peter: just the evaluation cover sheets and typed evaluation
  • Handling claims returned issues: we are going to be more lenient with this; follow typical approach for initial search; remove items if not found and add status/marker
  • Cash Register: can we go back to once a week register check?
  • PA System: requires speaker and wiring replacements; getting quotes
  • Clerical staff concerns re: masks and private break space: concern about space for doing work and
  • Student workforce: end of semester appreciation; care packages; finals packages
  • Graduates: Kenia, Gabe, Raswitha
  • slips not printing: receipt doesn't print, rescan; if still doesn't print after 10 minutes or so, put in appropriate transfer bin/handwrite and put on hold shelf, report to Jeff/Angela (teams message)
  • Dewey communication: phone calls for quick issues (something on hold shelf); email (4 Dewey staff) for searches/workflows/etc.
  • Department meeting agenda items
15 minChanges for summer/fall operationsKabel
  • Quarantining returned materials
  • Staff work spaces
  • IMC: equipment, b-level staffing
  • periodicals check in and shelving
15 minSummer Scheduling TemplateCarlos
  • Week of 07/01/21 on WhenToWork
5 minWrap upKabel
  • Recap main points
  • Action items and next steps
  • Next Meeting: 5/11 (summer projects)

Action items