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  • Access Services Department Managers Meeting 20210427
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2:30pm - 3:30pm




  • Provide updates on initiatives and upcoming issues

  • Apprise everyone of upcoming courier changes and workflow impacts; begin brainstorming workflow ideas
  • Set meeting agendas for upcoming meetings

Discussion items

15 minUpdates/HousekeepingKabel
  • Tyler sent email looking for accomplishments: looking for photos of staff
  • Personnel discussion
  • Telecommuting Agreement and return to work: July 5th
  • Library hours and positions
  • SUNY and vaccinations
  • IC computers/furniture prep
  • Summer access
  • Staff summer schedules/pass days
  • Email went out with information about stuff on hold shelf that's not on hold shelf
20 minELD Courier ChangesAngela
  • Info about upcoming changes
    • New tracking system for ELD courier (blue bags): Web interface
    • Angela gave overview of new interface: select destination library; reference field will have book barcodes/TN; select hub; click "Place Order"; shipping label printout pops up (designed to fit in blue bag sleeve); barcode on address label is used for tracking
  • Workflow ideas
    • When is best time to complete tracking? As processing or evening task?
    • Downside to processing as we go: might end up using multiple bags for each library; could consolidate into fewer bags
    • Processing at night: might be issue on days we are short staffed
    • Processing in morning: will require more coordination with shipping & receiving
    • Dewey: send materials uptown and uptown processing staff will bag and generate tracking
    • If process in evening: might have extra staffing come fall; coordinate with Shipping & Receiving for extra morning run when short-staffed in evening
    • Complete once during day and once in evening
    • Staff keep an eye on quantity of materials to bag; bag things up as things accumulate/hit certain capacity
    • batch between 12pm and 4pm when we have the most staff
    • Opportunity to tackle with morning staff before facilities open
  • Next steps: make workflow decision at next meeting
10 minPreservation routingAll
  • to route/not to route: that is the question
  • discussion/training with staff
10 minMeeting AgendasAll
  • Department meeting 4/29: proxy borrowers; pulls workflow (what to do w/ and w/out students; what to do in summer); funneling issues to department managers
  • Department managers 5/4
5 minWrap upKabel
  • Recap main points
  • Action items and next steps assigned
  • Next meeting 5/4/21

Action items