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  • Access Services Department Managers Meeting 2021-04-06
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2pm - 3pm




  • Address student employment issues.
  • Determine adjustments and action plan for contactless pickup changes to better serve users.
  • Begin TS budgeting for next FY, establish roles and deadlines
  • Discuss staff position proposal, gather feedback on duties/schedule

Discussion items

15 minStudent EmploymentCharlene & Carlos
  • Feedback on pace of work and what's getting accomplished/Overview of work accomplished by students last month
    • 4 undergrads; worked 233 hours last month; pulled 460 items; shelved 60 trucks
    • every hour of student work: 2 pulls; 2-3 trucks; occasional building round
    • what's average amount of time it takes students to complete tasks?
    • What level of accuracy are students performing at?
    • How much staff time is being invested?
  • Student-staff morale/teambuilding
  • Access to circ desk/119
  • Pulls workflow
    • Staff member on ILL reach out to student supervisor to see if students available to pull
    • Not saving material for students to pull
10 minContactless pickupJeff/Kabel
  • Appointments
  • LibCal 2 hour buffer
    • Transition to 30 minutes; already aligns with built-in buffer between appointments.
    • Need to make sure staff aren't pulling materials too early.
  • customer service thinking
15 minTS BudgetingKabel
  • Hours
  • Student scheduling needs
  • Spreadsheet setup
  • Deadline: 4/16
5 minCleanup day(s) for staffKabel
  • each staff member has 1 hour over course of next week
  • Weekend staff will have time on Sat/Sun
  • Mon - Fri staff will have time Tues-Thurs
  • Jeff will work with Jenna to set up spot for extra supply deposits.
10 minPosition ProposalKabel
  • Discussed goals for position and potential schedule
5 minWrap upKabel
  • Recap main points
  • Action Items and next steps
  • Next meeting: 4/20/21 (mission statement idea for desk)

Action items