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  • Access Services Department Managers Meeting 2021-01-04
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12:15pm - 1:15pm



Discussion items

  • Communicating health screening for staff not reporting to work
  • Justification for p-t/temp staff

Coordinating Ryan/Courtney uptown
  • Building tours/orientation: what/who?
    • Jeff will do tour of building and what they need to know tomorrow
    • Carlos will put together training schedule
  • W2W schedules: plug into curbside/desk/phone
  • Courtney 8am - 4pm; Ryan 10am - 6pm
  • they have some work to tackle, but it's not scheduled out for specific times
  • group study rooms and PCs set up.

Staff gatherings/meetups this week and next
  • Department meetings: thursday 1/14 2pm strategic planning, not reporting to work for covid health screening
  • Coffee hour: Tuesday 1pm or 2pm (look at curbside and schedule)
  • Crucial conversations: Friday 2:15pm (block off curbside)
  • Other Training: tech services bib/holdings/item record, who does what, what's happening, resolving mismatches between Alma and physical items (titles, call numbers), multi-volume sets with funky call numbers
  • Alma refresher training

Wrap up
  • Recap
  • Action Items and Next Steps
  • Next meeting: Tuesday 1/12

Action items

  • Draft text for email/wiki for no report to work Kabel Nathan Stanwicks  
  • check PCs working, let Ryan & Courtney know where workspaces are located and where to go when arrive Carlos Zamora  
  • If courtney/ryan have to call out: call main line and speak with someone, email/teams message Lindsay Van Berkom  
  • coordinate TS training with Wendy
  • Firm up Dewey pickups for 1/18 and later.
  • Is courier back to Dewey in late January?