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  • Access Services Department Managers Meeting 2020-09-17
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  • Develop service concepts for potential switch to remote learning
  • Review plans for staffing facilities and projects that staff can do at home if they have to isolate for pooled testing

Discussion items

20 minService PlanningKabel
  • scenarios
    • Remote learning for 2 weeks: library open; library closed
    • semester: library open; library closed
  • ideas
    • keep students working if they want to continue working: project based work
    • staff continue to work on site if safe to do so
    • offer curbside
    • close science/dewey; if one library needs to remain open, keep ulib open
    • focus on ILL, collections maintenance
    • keep courier runs going: communicate out as needed
    • keep an eye on mail services
    • move out large tables and put in carrels from reference area
    • will need to have info on Web site ready to go: draft language now, reuse language from spring/summer
    • give heads up to signage group
  • Questions/issues to deal with:
    • what happens with student staff members if we go into shutdown?
20 minPlanning Work From Home in event of quarantine/isolationAll
  • Possible ILLiad cleanup projects
  • documentation
    • cleanup
    • ILL
  • Resource sharing items attached to the ULIB circ desk instead of the RS circ desk in Alma. Tackle on the borrowing and lending sides
  • Group work (if multiple isolating)
  • Scenario training
  • Student training materials
  • Covering the phones/chat
  • Remote shelf reading
  • NOS items
10 minDepartment CommunicationKabel
  • Email vs. Teams
  • Curbing negativity on Teams
  • Chat stream
5 minScience Library Work LogKabel
5 minWrap up

Action items

  • Language/messaging for the Web in the event of closure. create shared document for messaging ideas and text; work with others in libs Kabel Nathan Stanwicks
  • Generate possible ILLiad projects staff can complete from home. Angela Persico
  • what's the procedure if pool tests positive?