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  • Access Services Department Managers Meeting 2020-09-15
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  • Finalize and move forward with Laurie's duty redistribution; ILL grad stu; small project coordination; building rounds
  • Info/Idea sharing on communication
  • Develop/document plans if need to go into remote learning

Discussion items

10 minCarry forward from last meetingKabel
  • Redistributing Laurie's duties
    • any last minute additions by end of the week
  • ILL grad student
    • Angela following up on leads
  • Small project coordination
    • dump tasks into to-do bucket in planner
    • assign task to supervisor
    • include scope of project in Notes
    • type staff member name in comments
    • include any deadline/due date info if applicable.
    • start with simple to-do bucket
15 minBuilding RoundsKabel
  • form feedback
    • add notes field to form
    • remove note about entering in service desk form
  • scheduling
  • moving forward/next steps
5 minDepartment MeetingKabel
  • Building Rounds: purpose, training, scheduling, roll out
  • Chat stream
  • Feedback on semester
5 minWrap upKabel
  • Action items and responsibility
  • Next meeting
    • student supervision

Action items