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3pm - 4pm




  • Outline ideas/concepts to include in budget prep.
  • Summer Projects

Discussion items

15 min.Updates/HousekeepingKabel
  • Temporary Doc & Training Specialist hired; working through final hiring steps and will make a broader announcement
  • Summer Hours: closed 3 Sundays before holidays.
  • current TS balance: have adequate funding to extend 2 grad students to end of FY at 15 hours/week
  • Departmental staffing alignment/organization
25 minBudgeting for next FYKabel
  • Budget requests are due 5/20
  • Pay rates: graduate student rate is increasing to $16.50; CWS rate is $15
  • Hours: looking to provide same hours as this year; change in ULIB opening time (8:30am)
  • Things we've been asked to incorporate in the budget:
    • Ryan's GA 20 hours/week in the Dewey budget
    • Temp professional is included in Access TS budget
    • Student staffing in LLL for 20 hours/week
    • Cover extended hours until 3am
    • OT for extended hours
  • Things we want to include in budget:
    • Grad positions
      • uptown: late night contingency sunday - thursday; weekends; Monday 4-8pm? Saturday - Monday vs. Friday -Sunday
      • downtown: same setup as this year; 3 grad students
    • ILL: morning GA; undergrads in morning to do pulls; end ILL at 8/9pm; more people in morning will be helpful
    • Undergrad approach
      • downtown: same as this year; focus pay primarily on TS
      • uptown: used just CWS this year
      • storage: do we want/need storage students?
    • planning for students over breaks
10 minSummer ProjectsAll
  • Reserves Cleanup
  • Reference Collection: install 7/6; reload shelving, and inventory
  • Inventory: focus on parts 2 and 3
  • Installing shelving on second floor by oversize and shifting; measuring/planning
  • Dewey collections retaining latest 10 years of print journals at Dewey; collection shifting planning
  • New books returning to Dewey
  • Circle back on inventory at Dewey
  • Focus on student training & documentation

Action items