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2pm - 3pm




  • Set dates and iron out details for changes to departmental services.
  • Project check in

Discussion items

20 minChanges to services
  • Stopping quarantine
    • empty Dewey quarantine
    • staff check book returns daily at opening
    • removed quarantine library permissions
    • remove blurb about quarantine from library web page
    • email message out to department; reminder about double discharging
    • end quarantine today
    • continue to use book returns; okay to accept stuff at service desks (SL or when patrons are eager to return)
  • Removing caution tape and stacks closed signs
    • take down week of August 15
    • ULIB remove Sunday 8/15
    • Sci/Dewey: remove Monday 8/16
  • Staff moves into LI-119
    • poll responses: staff members want to move back to their spaces in LI-119
    • Coordinate timing with Systems: can we stagger?
    • Schedule time for staff to move
    • Coordinate cleaning group study rooms
    • high wall cubicle leftovers in storage?
  • Plexiglass at service desk needs lift
  • Lobby return bin: identify spaces on interior to place bin
    • space between ref and circ
    • self pickup shelf
  • Cash handling
    • Refresher training on register and cash handling (August)
  • Signs posted throughout libraries
15 minSummer Project Check in
  • Progress updates
    • SL mini shifts are done
    • Jeff and Carlos met for storage pulls
  • Priorities and follow up
10 minMeeting wrap up
  • Recap any main points
  • Assign action items and next steps

Action items