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2pm - 3pm

MS Teams



  • Discuss hours scenarios and begin prep for summer
  • Gather feedback on web and P&P edits for services for users with disabilities
  • Plan for next week's department meeting

Discussion items


ELD new courier trackingAngela
  • ELD implementing new tracking service.
  • New system: log into web site, select home location and delivery location, enter number of pieces, barcodes/TN. Generates shipping label
  • Just rolled out, will be mandatory that all libraries use this in July
  • If courier loses something we'll be able to get reimbursed; can bill courier for lost books
  • currently print request slips, which have address on them. new approach will have extra steps.
  • determine if our staff manages or library shipping.
15 minLibrary Hours/Staffing UpdateKabel
  • Summer Hours proposal
  • Fall Hours scenarios
  • Staffing implications
  • Prepping for summer
15 minServices for users with disabilitiesKabel
  • Library P&P
  • Web site
  • SUNYLA resources
10 minDepartment Meeting Agenda
  • Strategic Planning
  • Problem patrons; compliance issues; taking IDs; submitting reports
  • Hours overview: fall classes/exams, summer hours

Wrap up
  • Recap main points
  • Action items and next steps
  • Next meeting: Tuesday 4/6/21

Action items